Jun 6, 2024

Announcing Acosta Group’s Q1 2024 Champion Award Winners

We celebrate excellence and recognize the outstanding contributions of our team members each quarter with the W.O.W. Champion Awards.

The W.O.W. Champion Award recipients are nominated by their peers and selected based on their adherence to Acosta Group’s “8 Ways of Working” principles. These principles guide our success, emphasizing collaboration, integrity and innovation.

For contributions in the first quarter of 2024, we are thrilled to congratulate 100 Acosta Group associates from our diverse agencies who have been named W.O.W. Champion Award winners. These remarkable individuals have excelled in their respective roles, driving results, inspiring their colleagues, and embodying the spirit of excellence that defines Acosta Group.

From sales and marketing to merchandising and beyond, our Q1 2024 W.O.W. Champion Award winners have made significant contributions to our success with their dedication and passion. We’re proud to call them teammates.

Q1 2024 W.O.W. Champion Award Winners:

Alex Parra — Acosta Group*
Blake Linville — Acosta Group*
Brian Kemme — Acosta Group*
Carolyn Martinez — Acosta Group*
Emily Cacic — Acosta Group*
Jessica Oakie — Acosta Group*
Julie Crist — Acosta Group*
Manda Chapman — Acosta Group*
Melissa Galloway — Acosta Group*
Micheal Whitney — Acosta Group*
Osama Syed — Acosta Group*
Romina Bojaxhi — Acosta Group*
Tanner Covington — Acosta Group*
Tara Huggins — Acosta Group*
Toni Gerwitz — Acosta Group*
Alex Yee — Acosta
Amapro Wagner — Acosta
Byung Park — Acosta
Calvin Johnson — Acosta
Charlene Monroe — Acosta
Charlene Padgett — Acosta
Charles Horton — Acosta
Cindy Vasquez — Acosta
Deana Pardun — Acosta
Denise Smith — Acosta
Dina Rayyan — Acosta
Freddy Colah — Acosta
Greg Creek — Acosta
Heather Saylor — Acosta
Jacob King — Acosta
Jeff Cooper — Acosta
Jeffrey Willis — Acosta
Jennifer Herchline — Acosta
Jessica Valadez — Acosta
John Morris — Acosta
Jorge Yordan — Acosta
Julie Smithers — Acosta
Lisa Jones — Acosta
Lydia Vendrasco — Acosta
Marilyn Sandidge — Acosta
Matthew Martinez — Acosta
Matthew Stashick — Acosta
Melissa Medina — Acosta
Melvin Amayer — Acosta
Mike Costa — Acosta
Orlando Fuentes — Acosta
Patricia Holden  — Acosta
Patrick McLafferty — Acosta
Paul Otter — Acosta
Renee L’Elie — Acosta

Rita Hill — Acosta
Shelley Fontillas — Acosta
Irene Kerkhoven — Acosta Canada
Lynlee Wolstencroft — Acosta Canada
Sophia Chang — Acosta Canada
Andrew Wilkins — ActionLink
Bobby Lessing — ActionLink
Derek Dutra — ActionLink
Douglas Prince — ActionLink
James Russell — ActionLink
Larry Hastings — ActionLink
Michael Mulligan — ActionLink
Michael Rundel  — ActionLink
Nicolas Grenci — ActionLink
Nicole Scott  — ActionLink
Paul Goodwin — ActionLink
Shawn Olson — ActionLink
Sienna Kocherhans — ActionLink
Sopan David — ActionLink
Daniel Mulholland — CORE
Jason Staley — CORE
Logan Pierce — CORE
Ben Lippert — Mosaic
Brad Watson — Mosaic
Brent Swanson — Mosaic
Brian Scarcello — Mosaic
Danielle Palace — Mosaic
Dean Moore — Mosaic
Hannah Hogarth — Mosaic
Jamila James — Mosaic
Kat Pohran — Mosaic
Kristie Siman — Mosaic
Maria Elena Lazar — Mosaic
Oswaldo Junqueira — Mosaic
Sereena Brunelle — Mosaic
Alicia Taylor — Premium
Amy Dalbesio — Premium
Anthony Murphy — Premium
Bradford BurkHolder — Premium
Christopher Wyser — Premium
Dolores Wilson — Premium
Edgar Nevarez-Reyes — Premium
Jeffrey Parsons — Premium
Joseph Telford — Premium
Malin Gibbes — Premium
Nicholas Chapman — Premium
Nicholas Rosenstrauch — Premium
Omar Cunningham — Premium
Ray Montgomery — Premium
Savannah Sharpe — Premium

Congratulations! Your achievements inspire us all and exemplify what it means to be part of Acosta Group.

*Associates denoted as Acosta Group represent various cross-agency functions, including Commercial Operations, Digital Commerce, Finance, Human Resources, Strategy and Technology.