Our access to unprecedented first-party data, combined with research and analytics, allows us to paint a comprehensive picture of what matters most to you.

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Shopper + Consumer Insights

Through our own shopper community, we uncover valuable and actionable insights to understand consumer segments and drive strategic business decisions. Acosta Group’s veteran insights leaders interpret study findings and provide strategic recommendations for business applications, ensuring your team capitalizes on opportunities.

  • Engaged and diversified survey panel of shoppers
  • Targeted studies based on topic, industry, channel, category and more
  • Tenured insights experts with average of 25 years’ experience
  • Intricate retailer and shopper knowledge
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Revenue Growth Management

Optimal financial performance is the ultimate goal. Our team of experts uses a holistic and balanced approach to revenue growth management (RGM) focusing on both the short and long term.

  • Focused on growth net sales revenue and profit
  • Leveraging the five essential revenue management levers
  • Candid assessment, focused execution and continuous enhancement
  • Development support via RGM Fundamentals training courses
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Category + Space Management

Our approach to category and space planning blends insights, analytics and automation with our team of experts to drive efficiencies, improve accuracy and reduce costs. With more than 200 experts, we eliminate the need for in-house expertise and expensive automation software.

  • Comprehensive store + floor planning
  • Product imaging + data capture
  • Proprietary automation increasing accuracy and efficiency
  • Seamless integration into your existing processes
  • Flexible support models for dedicated, surge or project needs
  • Informed by shopper behavior, retailer data and market trends


We’re proud to partner with Pensa, a leading innovator in changing the way brands and retailers manage retail shelf inventory. Pensa’s patented computer vision and AI platform delivers an automatic data feed to improve strategic shelf planning and in-store execution.

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E-Commerce Performance Insights + Optimization

Evaluate online performance and shopping behavior to optimize marketing spend and inform e-commerce growth strategies. We extract full-funnel purchase behavior using consumer insights and the industry’s top data tools, shining a light on short and long-term trends.

  • Understand your brand’s performance vs. competition
  • Analyze shopping behaviors that drive incremental sales
  • Uncover what influences purchase decisions
  • Track sentiment across social and retail channels
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Advanced Analytics + Data Science

Giving a comprehensive view of performance through powerful tools. Our platforms offer self-serve analytics data visualizations to improve speed to insight for sales and marketing teams, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers.

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