Darian Pickett, Chief Executive Officer, Sales Agency

Darian Pickett BioDarian Pickett is a seasoned executive and CEO of Acosta Group’s sales agency, a role he has held since 2019. With a relentless commitment to driving profitability, he has propelled Acosta Group’s sales services to new heights under his leadership.

Since joining Acosta as a Business Manager in 1991, Darian has left an indelible mark on every facet of Acosta’s sales business. As Chief Client Officer, President of Sales, President of Strategic Channels, and EVP of Business Development, he has consistently delivered exceptional results, ensuring the ultimate satisfaction of clients and customers alike.

Over his remarkable 30-year tenure, Darian has led every aspect of Acosta’s operations, demonstrating his comprehensive understanding of the industry. Notably, he successfully navigated Acosta through a challenging recapitalization process during his tenure as CEO.

Darian earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing management from the University of North Texas.