Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency

How Acosta’s data-driven approach increased on-time delivery

on-time delivery increase
cost savings


Our client faced issues with on-time delivery of their products at a leading grocery retailer and incurred high accessorial charges due to incorrect weight and cube configurations in their shipping process. Acosta’s Supply Chain team set out to identify the problem and provide the client with solutions that would ultimately increase their on-time delivery by 28% and save them $190,000 in additional charges.

Acosta’s Supply Chain team initiated the project by closely collaborating with the client to gain a deep understanding of their ordering and shipping processes. Acosta used retailer data to benchmark the client’s previous on-time delivery metrics against industry standards. This approach revealed the extent of the problem and the potential for improvement.

The Acosta team identified a critical issue in the weight and cube configuration of the client’s products. This discrepancy was causing inefficiencies in the grocer’s ordering system and led to delayed deliveries. Acosta worked closely with the client and the retailer’s buying team to rectify the weight and cube information. They also proactively engaged with buyers to correct orders before shipment, preventing delivery delays and reducing the need for costly accessorial charges. Acosta gained the trust and confidence of our client by providing a comprehensive solution to a challenge impacting their bottom line.

Acosta’s Supply Chain team is pivotal in building supply chain scorecards for our clients. These scorecards allow clients to monitor their key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time, providing transparency and actionable insights to optimize their supply chain operations further.