Optimizing Retail Strategy For Maximum Impact

How innovative omnichannel strategies have increased market share and sales.

Market share points
Shopper interactions
Retail associates trained


By delivering a consultative and omnichannel strategy, we’ve helped Lenovo achieve a 29% increase in sales and maintain its position as the #1 global PC manufacturer. For over a decade, Premium’s assisted sales and training team has worked closely with Lenovo as an extension of their brand. We fulfill merchandising needs, train retail associates on Lenovo computers, Legion computers, and Motorola phones, and sell these directly to shoppers. Through complete immersion in Lenovo’s business strategy, we’ve collectively increased market share and grown Lenovo’s retail business faster than the rest of the category.

Before deployment, we conduct extensive market research to ensure we place team members in markets where they will have the most significant impact. Stores with dedicated Lenovo representatives see a 29% lift in brand sales over stores without a dedicated rep. The team deploys a custom Lenovo learning and engagement app to increase retail associates’ Lenovo product knowledge.

Lenovo also relies on Acosta Group agencies for end-to-end execution of their product endcaps, from design to printing to in-store installation. This retail execution solution provides greater continuity of the brand and efficiency of the process.