E-Commerce Sales Soar With Amazon Live

How we adapted our sales approach for shoppers.

Livestream views
YoY sales increase


As a leading technology company, Logitech recognized the need to adapt to the rising demand for digital services. We shifted our focus to boosting e-commerce sales, leveraging Amazon Live as a dynamic sales channel. Using Logitech’s live streaming products made setup easy.  

Within a year, we achieved Amazon Live’s highest recognition for creators, A-List status, allowing Logitech livestreams to appear on Amazon.com’s homepage, significantly increasing viewership and sales. 

We developed impactful and educational product training content and established a streamlined online conversion system. Customers enjoy asking questions and receiving personalized advice on products that best fit their needs. They also discover new product features they weren’t previously aware of.  

Since 2021, we’ve seen steady growth, hitting $1 million in quarterly sales by late 2022. By 2024, we onboarded two dedicated streamers to facilitate our live selling platform, which has been incredibly impactful. Our strong relationship with Logitech has enabled collaborations with Logitech-sponsored influencers who occasionally guest stream on the platform, bringing substantial engagement. We continue to surpass our target for total views.

Premium’s successful decade-long partnership with Logitech demonstrates our ability to navigate the complex and evolving retail landscape. It’s a testament to Acosta Group’s commitment to providing custom solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.  

“Premium has been an invaluable partner opening new possibilities for Logitech. Utilizing their product knowledge and charismatic selling skills, they’ve connected with Amazon shoppers in a way traditional advertising never could.”

Brandon Beaty

Head of Brand Activation, Logitech