Growing Market Share And Efficiency Through Cross-Agency Partnership

We pushed the limits of retail execution.

stores covered
Retail associates trained
Large-scale installs


We supported Samsung’s Home Electronics, Home Appliance, Mobile, SmartThings, and New Computing product divisions with a multi-prong and data-driven approach.

For brick-and-mortar store coverage, we used performance analytics to track sales and inventory data and identify high-opportunity stores to visit. We also created an industry-first algorithm for our mobile field operations app that spotlights the SKUs to focus their training efforts on during every unique store visit. In addition, we brought flooring tracking and compliance to new heights by introducing a live location dashboard, ensuring Samsung’s demo units are always in the right place on the store floor. 

Our omnichannel engagement strategy extends direct sales guidance to retail associates via Samsung On Command, and Online Brand Ambassadors engage with shoppers through live chat.  

Acosta Group’s agencies, Premium and ActionLink, worked in tandem to leverage each team’s unique merchandising and technical talents to streamline performance for large-scale Samsung initiatives. Our field execution app integrated with the client’s repair and maintenance system, enabling us to manage assets and process orders for replacement parts efficiently. This cross-agency collaboration delivered maximum scale and budget efficiency when completing merchandising initiatives.