Small-Format, Big Results 

Mars Wrigley utilizes Acosta’s Urban Selling Team to capture distribution in independent C-stores.

New PODs
Market penetration


Mars Wrigley was preparing to launch its new product, Twix Cookie Dough, and faced the challenge of rapidly penetrating the independent C-store market to establish distribution. To address this, they implemented Acosta’s unique Urban Selling Team to target small-format independent retail stores in high-traffic urban neighborhoods. The neighborhood stores are high-frequency shopping destinations for multicultural consumers and are traditionally difficult to service. 

Acosta’s Urban Selling Team ensures the distributors who supply the stores stock the targeted SKUs before the product launch. The team is equipped with cargo vans that allow reps to carry product, racks, and point-of-sale materials to stores on continuity coverage. This proactive face-to-face selling approach significantly impacted the buying decisions of independent store owners. The sales representatives employed fact-based selling strategies to educate retailers about the potential success of new items, highlighting that new products often experience 40% higher sales velocities in the first eight weeks of a national launch.

The Twix Cookie Dough product was stocked and sold directly from the van to the retail shelf, eliminating the need to wait for retailer orders. Representatives could immediately merchandise the product on the store shelves, ensuring fast and efficient distribution. Within eight weeks of the launch, the Urban Selling Team achieved an impressive placement of Twix Cookie Dough in 81% of the targeted stores. Continued efforts beyond the initial eight weeks resulted in an additional 11.3% distribution gain. 

By utilizing the Urban Selling Team, Mars gained an advantage in reaching independent convenience stores and distributors quickly. We increased brand awareness with multicultural customers and expanded revenue growth in major markets. The increased availability and visibility of Twix Cookie Dough created a halo effect, driving consumer interest and trial opportunities across other retail channels. 

Acosta’s Urban Selling Team covers an extensive network of 32,000 independent convenience stores across 12 key U.S. markets for several leading CPG brands. This broad reach enables swift placement of product distribution, point-of-sale materials and displays, making it a powerful tool in expediting the rollout of new product launches to consumers.