Uncovering Over 1,000 Actionable Voids 

How a new dashboard allows Tyson to seize new sales opportunities.

Voids uncovered
Voids filled
New retailers


Acosta’s business managers were looking for a way to provide actionable insights at the store level to their long-term partners at Tyson. They had access to many disparate data sources, including NielsenIQ regional data and UNFI shipment data. Still, neither of these sources allowed visibility into the data at the granular level they were looking for. We challenged Acosta’s Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics teams to find a way to marry these two sets of data to provide Tyson with actionable store-level insights. 

They developed a new tracking tool that weaves Tyson-specific information and UNFI distribution center status to expand on Acosta’s ForeSite UNFI Wholesale Power BI Dashboard. The tool pulls in national UNFI data with 144 store groups and reports for each UNFI region (Atlantic, Pacific, South, and Central) available.  

With the implementation of the UNFI tracker, Tyson now has a single dashboard to review their category sales and DC status by SKU. The UNFI tracker also easily calls out voids for business managers with very few keystrokes and has, thus far, uncovered over 1,000 actionable voids for Tyson across the UNFI enterprise. The tool allowed Tyson to fill 28 voids across four categories and generate new sales in 18 retailers in a single quarter. 

The UNFI tracker is the latest example in how Acosta provides Tyson with actionable insights, increased sales growth, and new opportunities for growth. 

“I cannot find the words to explain how incredibly awesome this most recent UNFI endeavor is. Acosta mined the data and presented detailed findings for our sales teams to immediately chase.”

Kate Berg

Tyson Customer Category Manager