Unleashing a Surge in Category Market Share

store events
event sales lift

How ActionLink sparked Best Buy’s market share
by 13% 


ActionLink has been a preferred partner for Best Buy since the retailer implemented Best Buy Approved Third-Party Provider status in 2018, executing over a million hours in Best Buy stores every year. We teamed up to elevate Best Buy’s market share, sales, and overall brand awareness in the small appliances category.  

The ActionLink team created and implemented a tailored in-store food demonstration and sales program in the top 100 stores, showcasing priority brands and products that would improve the shopping experience and drive sales. The demos allowed store guests to witness each appliance’s functionality, ask questions, and enjoy free samples firsthand.   

Managing this initiative demanded ActionLink to navigate the intricacies of training representatives across eight premium brands and 12 diverse products. Our ActionLink team members needed extensive knowledge, enthusiasm for the products, and a passion for culinary experiences. 
In addition, display placement played a pivotal role in driving sales results. ActionLink forged and maintained robust relationships in each store, ensuring optimal placement. The halo effect was evident as the featured brands and products enjoyed 4-8 weeks of incremental sales, driven by trained and enthusiastic retail associates sharing their knowledge and experiences. 

ActionLink delivered category expertise unmatched by other retailers to engage 26,000+ customers and nearly 7,500 retail associates. The initial outcomes surpassed expectations, with key success metrics witnessing a remarkable increase in appliance market share from 2% at the program’s inception to an impressive 15%.  

Buoyed by these achievements, the program is poised for expansion into additional markets and stores, solidifying ActionLink’s role in elevating brand experiences and driving substantial sales growth.