Using Data to Fuel Explosive Growth in the Natural Channel

How Acosta Natural catapulted Poppi to new heights

new items accepted
increase in sales
increase in unit velocity


Poppi, a modern prebiotic soda, had long been looking to secure an in-person meeting with a key regional natural grocer. Years of unsuccessful attempts cost Poppi missed promotional opportunities, a stagnant product lineup and revenue and unit sales well below their potential.  

In 2023, they enlisted the expertise of our Acosta Natural team. As a result of our long-standing relationships within the industry, we secured a meeting with the retailer’s leadership team within 30 days. The retail landscape was in flux due to transitions in the retailer’s category management and buying teams, which allowed our team to highlight data-driven insights to a new audience.  

The data revealed Poppi’s exceptional sales performance on a per point of distribution basis, providing irrefutable evidence of its untapped market potential. We ensured our proposed solutions aligned with the changing needs of the retailer and underscored the brand’s untapped potential. 

The success of the presentation marked a turning point. The retailer accepted six new Poppi products for distribution in all of their locations. Our proposal for dual placement on the dry shelf and in the cold box was approved, maximizing the visibility of Poppi’s assortment. Additionally, we secured lobby displays and barrel coolers for a summer promotion, further enhancing Poppi’s presence in-store. 

By leveraging our relationships and experienced natural sales team, we provided a compelling, data-driven narrative and a comprehensive solution that drove significant growth. 

I’ve been trying to meet with this retailer for two years. That’s why you are the best in the business!” 

Matt Hatch

Director of Sales – Natural Channel, Poppi