Optimizing Product Detail Pages for Explosive Sales Growth

How Deli Express quadrupled its sales on Walmart.com

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category share increase
share of voice YoY
greater search visibility


Deli Express, a well-established food brand known for its convenient deli-style sandwiches and snacks, approached Acosta Group’s Digital Commerce team seeking to optimize their product detail pages (PDPs) on Walmart.com. Their goals were to improve their digital shelf placement, share of voice, and, ultimately, their sales.

Deli Express’s existing product content did not meet Walmart’s stringent requirements. Acosta Group’s team of digital strategists used their deep Walmart relationships and digital platform expertise to help the client optimize their content to comply with Walmart’s content scoring algorithm.

This strategic partnership led to remarkable results for the Deli Express team:

  • Sales Growth: Deli Express quadrupled its online sales, increasing them from approximately 2,500 units per month to 12,500 units a month.
  • Category Share Growth: In Walmart’s competitive sandwiches category, Deli Express’s share of sales grew significantly from approximately 15% to nearly 21% over two months.
  • Enhanced Share of Voice: The collective strategy increased the client’s share of voice by 25 basis points year-over-year, reinforcing their brand visibility and authority on the platform.
  • Organic Search Visibility: Deli Express more than doubled its organic search visibility, from approximately 1 million impressions to around 2.3 million impressions. This boost in visibility directly contributed to increased traffic and sales.
  • Above-the-fold Organic Keywords: Over two months, Deli Express witnessed a remarkable growth of +106.3% in above-the-fold organic keywords compared to the preceding two-month period before the project’s completion. This growth also amounted to a staggering 190% year-over-year increase.

Deli Express relies on Walmart Pick Up and Delivery as primary dotcom sales channels so the results achieved by optimizing PDP content was particularly significant. When Walmart implemented changes to its content scoring algorithm just two months after the completion of this project, Deli Express relied on Acosta Group’s digital strategists to further optimize its content.

By partnering with Acosta Group, Deli Express achieved substantial sales growth and solidified their presence in a competitive retail landscape.

“Our Deli Express brand significantly benefited from Acosta Group’s digital expertise.  The proof is in the results, and we appreciate their partnership in taking our content to the next level.”

Jeff Kjome

Vice President of Brand & Innovation at E.A. Sween Company